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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Playlist for The Grisha Trilogy

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week there is a different question for bloggers to ponder over. 

This week's topic is "All About Audio Freebie". For this week's freebie I chose to put together a Playlist/Soundtrack for one of my favorite series - The Grisha Trilogy. 

1. Halsey - "Castle"

Sick of all these people talking, sick of all this noise
Tired of all these cameras flashing, sick of being poised

Oh, all of these minutes passing, sick of feeling used
If you wanna break these walls down, you're gonna get bruised
Now my neck is open wide, begging for a fist around it
Already choking on my pride, so there's no use crying about it

I'm headed straight for the castle
They wanna make me their queen
And there's an old man sitting on the throne that's saying that I probably shouldn't be so mean
I'm headed straight for the castle
They've got the kingdom locked up
And there's an old man sitting on the throne that's saying I should probably keep my pretty mouth shut

2. Picture Me Broken - "Beautiful Disguise"

Who's behind the painted face
The broken child that you can't erase
A sip to hush the sorrow
Heart as empty as your bottle

The last you felt something
From the one who left you bleeding
I know how you feel alone,
Lost in a thousand people

You look so perfect in disguise
I know you're broken up inside tonight

I want everything that lies behind
Your beautiful disguise tonight
Medicate yourself and hide
To give them all a show tonight
Disguise, disguise, disguise

I'll breathe in off your sorrow,
Fill your empty space so hollow.
Remove the mask, is all I ask
And I will always follow

3. Bring Me The Horizon - "Throne"

Remember the moment you left me alone and
Broke every promise you ever made
I was an ocean, lost in the open
Nothing could take the pain away

The sticks and the stones that
You used to throw have
Built me an empire
So don't even try
To cry me a river
'Cause I forgive you
You are the reason I still fight

I'll leave you choking
On every word you left unspoken
Rebuild all that you've broken
And now you know

So you can throw me to the wolves
Tomorrow I will come back
Leader of the whole pack
Beat me black and blue
Every wound will shape me
Every scar will build my throne

4. We Came As Romans - "I Survive"

Holding on with all I have inside
For the sake of my life
I'm pulled underwater

Crying out I call
For anyone to share this fight
But I'm sinking farther

So weathered,
Worn and battered,
I will stay
Keep treading,
As I'm dreading the waves

Waiting for the day
This storm will pass and leave my life
It only makes me stronger
I don't want to wait,
But all that has been on my mind
Is how much longer?

My hands are tied
But I will make it
I'm not shaken
Even when my mind's exhausted, I survive
And the world tries to drown you out (I survive)
Flooding your life like water-filled lungs (I survive)

I will keep my
Head and heart above the waves

5. Halsey - "Control"

The house was awake, the shadows and monsters
The hallways, they echoed and groaned
I tried to hold these secrets inside me
My mind's like a deadly disease
I paced around for hours on empty
I jumped at the slightest of sounds
And I couldn't stand the person inside me
I turned all the mirrors around
I'm well acquainted with villains that live in my head
They beg me to write them so they'll never die when I'm dead
I'm bigger than my body
I'm colder than this home
I'm meaner than my demons
I'm bigger than these bones
And all the kids cried out, "Please stop, you're scaring me"
I can't help this awful energy
God damn right, you should be scared of me
Who is in control?

6. Memphis May Fire - "The Sinner"

Digging a hole that I can't get out of
Deeper and deeper below the surface 
To find that there's nothing there
Where do I go from here?
Beneath the sun I am rotting
Just like the ones that came before me
Now the chaos is all around me
Show me the light at the end of the tunnel
I need you to save me from myself
Give me something I can feel!
Keep me close, keep me close
Keep my head above water
I need to hear your voice 
I can't do this on my own
Take all my guilt
Take all my pride
I want to feel you here with me

7. Colbie Caillat - "When The Darkness Comes"

Underneath the echoes
Buried in the shadows
There you were
Drawn into your mystery
I was just beginning
To see your ghost
But you must know
I'll be here waiting
Hoping, praying that
This light will guide you home
When you're feeling lost I'll leave my love
Hidden in the sun
For when the darkness comes
Now the door is open
The world I knew is broken
There's no return
Now my heart is not scared
Just knowing that you're out there
Watching me
8. Bring Me The Horizon - "Drown"

What doesn't kill you makes you wish you were dead.
Got a hole in my soul, growing deeper and deeper.
And I can't take one more moment of this silence.
The loneliness is haunting me.
And the weight of the world's getting harder to hold up.
It comes in waves, I close my eyes.
Hold my breath and let it bury me.
I'm not okay, and it's not alright.
Won't you drag the lake and bring me home again?
Who will fix me now? Dive in when I'm down?
Save me from myself, don't let me drown.
Who will make me fight? Drag me out alive?
Save me from myself, don't let me drown.
What doesn't destroy you, leaves you broken instead.
Got a hole in my soul growing deeper and deeper.
Who will fix me now? Dive in when I'm down?
Save me from myself, don't let me drown.
'Cause you know that I can't do this on my own.

9. Halsey - "Young God"

He says, "Ooh, baby girl, you know we're gonna be legends
I'm a king and you're a queen and we will stumble through heaven
If there's a light at the end, it's just the sun in your eyes
I know you wanna go to heaven, but you're human tonight"
He says, "Oh, baby girl, don't get cut on my edges
I'm the king of everything and oh, my tongue is a weapon
But do you feel like a young god?
You know the two of us are just young gods
And we'll be flying through the streets with the people underneath
And they're running, running, running

10. Eminem feat. Gwen Stefani - "Kings Never Die"

Even if it means I'm selling my soul, just to be the undisputed again
Do whatever I gotta do just to win
'Cause I got this motherfucking cloud over my head
Crown around it, thorns on it
Cracks in it
Here to stay
Even when I'm gone
When I close my eyes
Through the passage of time
Kings never die

Have you read The Grisha Trilogy? If so, what songs would you put on the playlist for the series? Can you guess which  lyrics are about which character? Feel free to leave the link to your Top Ten Tuesday post!


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