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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Book Blitz & Review: Crystal Frost Series Books 1-3 by Alicia Rades

Title: Fire in Frost
Author: Alicia Rades
Genre: YA Paranormal

CRYSTAL FROST tells herself she isn't crazy, but sane people don't see ghosts. As her psychic abilities manifest, Crystal discovers there's a much bigger story behind her mother's Halloween-themed shop than she ever realized. Now blessed with the ability to see into the future, witness the past, and speak with the dead, Crystal must use these tools to save those who have come to her for help.

But that's not an easy task between learning how to use her abilities, trying to hide them, and uncovering the secrets her loved ones have been keeping from her. Add blackmail to the list of things Crystal never thought would happen to her, and you basically have her sophomore year covered. Will she learn to control her abilities in time, or will the whole school learn of her secret before she's ready to reveal it?

Title: Desire in Frost
Author: Alicia Rades
Genre: YA Paranormal

CRYSTAL FROST recently discovered she can see ghosts and predict the future, yet the mystery of Hope Ross's abduction still haunts her dreams. While traveling to Florida for Thanksgiving, Crystal's visions of Hope only grow stronger. She enlists the help of her soon-to-be step-cousin Robin, a decision that complicates the entire picture—and her feelings. Can she figure out what happened to Hope and learn why Robin is so guarded, or will her newfound abilities fail her?

Title: Inspired by Frost
Author: Alicia Rades
Genre: YA Paranormal

Crystal Frost has grown accustomed to the supernatural, but months of passive paranormal activity have left her believing her mother’s wedding will be a breeze. That changes when a ghost named Melissa shows up in Crystal’s dressing room while she’s picking out her maid of honor dress. Crystal takes on this new psychic mission without question, immediately determined to save Sage, the girl Melissa warned her about. But how do you save a girl from a deadly fate when you don’t know how she’s going to die?

I received an Advance Reader Copy at no cost from the publisher/author via Lady Amber's Reviews & PR.

When I saw the covers of this series, I knew that I had to read it! The covers in this series are truly breathtaking. 

The writing was very simplistic and easy to follow. I enjoyed the plot throughout the series for the most part, but I felt that the mystery and suspense was not really up to par in the beginning. Many things that happened in the series were far too predictable for my liking, which can ruin a good reading experience. I was a little bored through some parts of the books, but the second half of the books always picked up and left me wanting to find out what happened. 

I did appreciate some of the topics represented in the series. Depression and abuse are not easy topics, but I love that the author was not afraid to include them. I am always down for diversity.

While the characters are not necessarily flat, I felt like they were not as developed as they could have been. I did like that Crystal did seem to grow as the story went by. She felt so young in the first book, but with the second and third books her character growth was impressive. I felt like the background characters were not as present with each books two and three. The emotions grow stronger throughout the series, so there is definitely a momentum.

Overall, this series is a nice and easy paranormal read to dip your toes into. While I wasn't wowed, the books were good and I did enjoy the story. I look forward to continuing the series with book four. I do recommend this series for paranormal fans!

Alicia Rades is an award-winning young adult paranormal author with a love for supernatural stories set in the modern world. When she's not plotting out fiction novels, she's running her own professional writing business, plowing her way through her never-ending reading list, or preparing for the backpacking trips she takes every summer. In college, Alicia majored in communications with an emphasis on professional writing. She currently lives in Wisconsin with her husband and two cats.

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Buy Links: 

Book 1 – Fire in Frost (Free): http://amzn.to/1Om5FwZ
Book 2 – Desire in Frost: http://amzn.to/1Om5xh1
Book 3 – Inspired by Frost: http://amzn.to/1Uwb1SR



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