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Saturday, March 25, 2017


Just a little update since I haven't been able to update the blog lately. Things have been hectic in my personal life. My husband had cancer and surgery to remove it. He lost his job as a result and my family was evicted from our home. We have been living in a family friend's basement until we can find a place of our own. Since we were evicted, it has been hard finding somewhere to live. Plus, we have four children, so we have to find a place with enough space for everyone. I have been working. I love my job, so that is my only solace lately other than the few moment that I get to read. I have only read 15 books so far this year, and seven of those have been trade paperbacks/comics. I usually read 8-15 books in a single month, so I am disheartened. I have been trying to stay positive and think of the good things. I think that I may start listening to audiobooks again. Right now I have a long commute to work, so the kids and I can listen to books on the way. I am just going to have to choose middle grade books. =P Even though things aren't that great on my end, I am going to try and make an effort to post as much as I can. Tonight I am going to try and update my 2017 Challenge page and I hope to get some meme posts drafted. I know that there probably won't be many that read this, but if you have sat through this then thank you. I hope to be back to active status as soon as my family is situated. I'm still reading everyone's blogs, and I hope that everyone is well. Best wishes for now! If you have any books or authors that you would like to recommend then I would welcome them in the comments. =]


  1. I really hope things will work out soon. Great that you try to see the positives!! As for a good read; Final Girls by Rigley Sager is really good. I wouldn't listen to that one with the kids near though..

    Wish you all the best!!



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